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About Us

The History of Larson Lake Outfitters

Kim Tiringer had grown up farming with his father and his two brothers in the community of Spiritwood, Saskatchewan. The family has hunted Saskatchewan their entire lives, and have taken some monster whitetail, black bear, moose, elk, and mule deer. In 2001, after several years of farming, Kim had decided to take his hunting to the next step. He started Larson Lake Outfitters, which has grown into a very successful business that provides the client the opportunity to experience nothing other than a world class hunt of a lifetime.

Kim has since teamed up with his son Chad, and brother Blaine, adding a whitetail camp to the business and expanding the waterfowl area.

Kim Tiringer

Blaine Tiringer

Chad Tiringer

Kim and Blaine Tiringer, along with their brother Randy, and partner Bob Martodam, also have an amazing high fence elk operation that produces some of the largest elk in the world, with 2006 producing two world record class bulls. With 2,000 acres of heavy forest, this experience is one that is a true challenge, and one that will never be forgotten.


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The Area

We are located in Saskatchewan just south of the Boreal Forest of Canada. With a perfect mixture of the nutrients of the Boreal Forest and grain from the farmland below, this area provides us with a vast selection of prime hunting territory that hunters can only dream of.

We have an excellent color phase of monster black bear ranging from blonde to chocolate/cinnamon to black, whitetail and moose that will make your jaw drop, and a waterfowl migration that some people will travel the world to see.

Saskatchewan is known to provide some of the best hunting territory in the world, and currently holds the record for the world's largest typical whitetail, scoring 213 5/8" B&C.

Spiritwood, Saskatchewan

Lodging & Guiding

Any of our lodges can be considered your "home away from home".

Each will provide you with satellite T.V, internet, towels, bedding, and full time cooks that provide the best home cooked meals you could imagine.

The family atmosphere provides a perfect environment for family participation. Hunters are welcome to bring their spouse and/or family member with them. Accomodation and pricing for non-hunting companions are available upon request and are subject to available space.

Absolute professionalism, dedication, and hard work all come from our guides who have grown up hunting this area their entire lives. These guides keep a great study on the wildlife in this area throughout the whole year.