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Our Hunts...

Whitetail Hunts

Saskatchewan is known to have some of the largest whitetails in the world, and currently holds the world record typical whitetail scoring 213 5/8" B&C.

Over 90,000 acres of dense, flush forests provide the perfect nutrients and minerals that will give you the opportunity to shoot a buck from 140 to well over 200 inches!

Whitetail hunters will arrive on a Sunday night. The hunt will start Monday morning and go throughout the week. If they wish, hunters can choose to hunt Saturday morning, but departure time will be no later than Saturday afternoon. This provides us time for cleaning and readiness for the next group.

Please contact us for pricing and booking inquiries.

Black Bear Hunts

We have an overabundance of black bears in this part of the world. We average a 45 percent color phase ranging from bright blonde to chocolate/cinnamon to black. Over 6,000,000 acres gives us the ability to locate black bears up to and over 500 lbs, ensuring you a black bear hunt of a lifetime.

Larson Lake Outfitters is becoming well known for shooting several monster booner black bears weighing up to as much as 600 lbs!

Bear hunters arrive Sunday night. The hunt will start Monday and go thoughout the week. Friday is the last hunt. Departure is Saturday.

Please contact us for pricing and booking inquiries.

Waterfowl Hunts

After leaving the Arctic tundra for a long and treacherous migration south for the winter, millions of waterfowl will find this area to be their first feeding grounds along the way. Over 5,000,000 acres of farmland just south of the Boreal Forest allows Larson Lake Outfitters to provide you with a world class waterfowl hunt.

Waterfowl hunters will arrive Sunday night. The hunt will start Monday morning and go through to Wednesday or Thursday, giving the hunter a choice of a 3 day or 4 day hunt. Usually, geese are hunted in the morning, and ducks in the afternoon. Departure is Thursday or Friday morning, depending on the duration of the hunt.

We recommend that each group has a decent caller, as we do not provide one. While you are hunting, our guides are out scouting birds for the next hunt. If all geese and ducks are shot in the morning, hunters have a chance to go out and shoot some ruffed grouse, in which a guide will not be provided.

Please contact us for pricing and booking inquiries.

Welcome to Saskatchewan,

Welcome to the hunt of a lifetime,

Welcome to Larson Lake Outfitters!