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Saskatchewan whitetail, black bear, and waterfowl hunts


Quotes The hospitality was second to none! Chad and Kim worked hard every day to put us on ducks and geese and they delivered. I would recommend anyone wanting a good time hunting ducks and geese to give Larson Lake Outfitters a call. Thanks Chad and Kim!! Quotes
Drew Heinzmann

Quotes Great bear hunt. Would recommend Larson Lake Outfitters for a great hunt anytime. Thank you Dr. Vincent Ripepi. Would love to go back Quotes
Eric Burnsworth

Quotes I have hunted in a lot of places, all kinds of animals with very good companies, but my number one is Larson Lake Outfitters and Spirit of the North Hunts, not only because they are great places to hunt and because of their remarkable trophies, but especially because of the big effort that the Tiringers put into every hunt. They give 110% to the success of your hunt and at the same time extend their hands to friendship and companionship. You will always return home with a great smile on your face, planning always, "When am I coming back?" Quotes
Ovidio Garza
Owner, director and host of Grandes Trofeos Deacero

Quotes The Tiringer name strikes fear into the hearts of whitetails all across Saskatchewan, and rightfully so, they're excellent hunters and they never give up... ...they do not believe that lightning only strikes once - and they've got an embarrassing collection of giant record book whitetails to prove it! Quotes
Russell Thornberry
Russell Thornberry Outdoors